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DIAL-AN-ANGEL® still leading the charge after four decades

Founded in March 1967 by Dena Blackman, DIAL AN ANGEL grew quickly from a one person, one-telephone office in Lindfield to offices nationwide, three of which are franchises. The Company now employs around 50 full-time staff with over 7,500 registered Angels® providing quality home, family and aged care to tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

Danielle Robertson, Dena’s third daughter assumed the CEO position in August 2003 and believes that a vital ingredient in the continued success of the business is the company’s assertion that field Angels should regard their vocation as being honourable, valuable to the entire community and as a real skill. There are no “down-trodden Sadies” registered with DIAL-AN-ANGEL because DIAL-AN-ANGEL staff demand that clients treat the Angels with consideration and courtesy. We love employing and really endorse older workers. DIAL-AN-ANGEL is now regarded as a “Corporate Champion” of older workers. 60% of our workforce is over the age of 45 years. (45 years is now classified as being an older worker). It is extremely rewarding for us to help women and men back into the workforce when their life has taken a different turn or if they have decided to have a change and want to help people.

High standards in conditions and remuneration have been established and unreasonable requests and unfair practices are actively discouraged. Once again DIAL-AN-ANGEL finds itself at the leading edge by recognising the valuable contribution that visiting angels who work as little as three hours a week can make to the workforce.

"Our strategic vision for the future is to maintain our position as market leaders by recruiting only the best Angels®, exceeding our clients expectations based on the quality of our services and building a corporate culture of staff who are committed to the goals of the organisation and their own development," said Danielle Robertson, CEO, DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Limited.

The DIAL-AN-ANGEL Statement of Intent (aka Mission Statement) is:

"To provide in a professional manner, care without compromise and quality support services at realistic and affordable rates."

DIAL-AN-ANGEL has always been a family affair. Four generations of Dena's family have been involved in the business over more than four decades, including Dena’s mother, daughters and two of her granddaughters. A vital ingredient in the success of the business is Dena's belief that a family business is the crossroad of two amazing and unparalleled experiences. One experience is the raising and nurturing of a family -- spouse, children, grandchildren and others - through a lifetime of ups and downs, frustrations, and achievements. The other is the building and nurturing of a business as a livelihood and an expression of personal vision and achievement – through a lifetime of ups and downs, frustrations, and achievements.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Limited is a private, family owned and operated Australian company. It is the only national agency specialising in the provision of aged, home and child care. The Agency provides Angels for housekeeping & home cleaning, gardening & home maintenance, nannying and babysitting, supervised contact visits, party helpaged care, in-home nursing, dementia, palliative and disability care in the home. A wide range of services are available to businesses such as medico legal reporting, employee work-life flexibility programs, trade promotions for competitions and emergency care programs for children and seniors or assistance with any type of employee trauma. Gift vouchers are available for all services.

As a national company we have offices around Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

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