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Employing a nanny, au pair, or long-term babysitter in your home is an increasingly popular choice with families. No longer are nannies just for the rich and famous; many families are choosing this type of care option for greater convenience, safety, and job flexibility. After all, if your child is safely at home with a responsible carer, getting stuck in traffic or working late may lessen a family's stress.

A nanny will provide one-to-one care for your baby or child in your own home. Some families even share nannies to reduce the cost and have the best of both worlds. They are skilled practitioners in childcare. In addition to general child care, a qualified nanny will have studied nutrition, health and safety, ‘learning through play’ and assist with the emotional, social, physical, linguistic and intellectual development of children from birth to eight years.

Some nannies have extensive experience, but no formal qualifications. It's important to choose a nanny who can back up experience with references whether they’re formally qualified or not.

You might find that using a nanny is an attractive option because of the one-to-one care and attention. The fact that the nanny comes to you, rather than the other way around, can mean that your child's home routine is less disrupted. It is certainly more convenient for you, as you will be able to set off for work without having to rush your child out of the house, too.

Although as little as ten years ago mannies or male nannies were practically unheard of, an increasing number of working parents are opting to employ the services of a manny as a positive male role model for their children.

What does a nanny do?

The nanny's prime responsibility is to meet all the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of your child. That means that they should make sure your baby is getting a balanced diet, has plenty of activities to stimulate development, loads of encouragement and, of course, lots of cuddles when needed.

A nanny is also responsible for all the domestic routines related to the care of children such as bathing them, preparing formula and meals, changing bed-linen, bed-making, washing and ironing the children's clothing, towels and bed-linen and maintaining the children's rooms and play areas in a clean and tidy state. They are not responsible for any other domestic work, but should you require additional duties you would be wise to look at the option of hiring one of our experienced Nanny-Housekeepers. Night Nannies can step in and take over though the night in cases where the parents are unable to attend to the newborns needs.

You can read more about nannies in our Resources area.

Your children are in safe and caring hands

DIAL-AN-ANGEL® specialises in finding the very best nanny for your children because we understand that your children are your greatest treasures. We take great pride in thoroughly screening and personally interviewing applicants who wish to become nannies. They are selected for their suitability for referrals prior to any details being divulged about the client or the client's requirements. Every applicant is interviewed personally and where State laws allow, Police clearances and 'Working with Children' Checks are undertaken.

Whatever your requirements, DIAL AN ANGEL has a service to suit your needs.

Nanny or manny

PERMANENT PART-TIME or FULL-TIME CARE (consistently more than 15 hours over 5 weekdays). Our Nannies are qualified or highly experienced child carers. By the time the nanny has completed a comprehensive course they are usually aged more than 21 years. Some are parents who have successfully raised their own children. They have well-developed childcare skills and now have the time and patience to undertake this challenging and rewarding occupation.


PERMANENT PART-TIME or FULL-TIME CARE of CHILDREN in addition to undertaking general housekeeping tasks for the whole family. The nanny-housekeeper sometimes lives in with the family and may be required to assume a parent-substitute role with long hours "at call". Where the nanny-housekeeper lives out, they may be obliged to work even longer hours than their employer does. They are on the premises prior to the parent/s leaving for work and still have to travel back to their own residence after the parent has returned home. If infants and toddlers are to be cared for, the client should establish the priorities expected. The care of toddlers and infants can be extremely emotionally, physically and time-demanding but their care must be the primary focus of the nanny-housekeeping role.

Nannies are available on either a live-in or live-out basis for temporary, regular and long-term engagements.

Nanny Sharing

Many families would love the luxury of hiring a nanny but dismiss the idea because they need only part-time care or they think the costs will be too high. One nanny can care for children from two families. Nanny Sharing is a solution that is working really well for families across the country and DIAL-AN-ANGEL can help to make it work for you.

Nanny Sharing is a variation on the usual nanny care arrangement, typically a live-out or daily nanny (who lives in her own home) travels each day to one household or alternates between residences if the families take turns hosting the children. Sometimes a nanny lives with one family and cares for the children of two families in that home. 

Nannies International

The DIAL-AN-ANGEL Group has been sending Australians overseas to work as nannies and au pairs since 1967 through Nannies International. If you are interested in applying as a nanny or au pair to work in England click here

DIAL-AN-ANGEL also provides Angels® for housekeeping & home cleaning, gardening & home maintenance, babysitting, supervised contact visits, pet care, caretaking, eldercare-at-home®, in-home nursing, disability care in the home, home & corporate functions. Medico legal reporting may be requested and a wide range of services is available though our Corporate Services department. Gift Vouchers are also available.

We have offices around Australia offering cleaning, childcare, aged care and nursing in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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