Danielle Robertson, CEO Biography, corporate speaker, bio, dial an angel | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

Danielle Robertson, CEO Biography, corporate speaker, bio, dial an angel | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

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CEO's Biography

Danielle Robertson is the CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Limited, Australia's only national group specialising in Aged, Home and Family care and employee support services. This family business has been assisting Australian families, businesses and overseas visitors since 1967. In her position, Danielle oversees the company's network of national offices, as well as acting as Business Development Manager for the Group.

In her capacity as CEO, Danielle continues to expand the Business Services division with DIAL-AN-ANGEL as a preferred national provider in corporate reward and recognition programmes as well as for employee benefits and work-life flexibility programmes. She is also forming business partnerships with many financial planning advisors, associations and insurance companies whose main focus is on Estate Planning and insurance cover for temporary and/or permanent disabilities. Danielle is one of the few people in her field of endeavour to be recognised as an Expert Witness for Medico Legal Report writing in the Supreme, District and Family Courts in NSW and Queensland.

Prior to joining DIAL-AN-ANGEL, Danielle worked in hospitality and it is from this background that she fully understands the requirements of DIAL-AN-ANGEL clients. Danielle has worked in the family business for 25 years. As a ‘hands-on' CEO, Danielle has worked in every single department in the company and started out working as a field Angel. She made a significant impact on DIAL-AN-ANGEL's development in her role as Financial Director and then in her capacity as Operations Manager all before succeeding her mother, Dena Blackman as CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Limited, in 2003.

Danielle is President of Australian Nanny Association Inc. (ANA) which was established in 2012 in response to the increasing demand for in home child care. ANA aims to provide a support network for Australia's nannies, families who employ nannies, and service providers (Agencies). ANA believes professional nannies should be recognised as a legitimate quality child care option for families, and that the availability of the Child Care Rebate (CCR) should be extended to families who employ a nanny as their form of child care to allow for greater flexibility in meeting the needs of Australian working families. She is an active member of Family Business Australia (FBA).

As a mother of two teenagers in an extremely busy household, Danielle understands all the challenges of being a mother and business professional. Fortunately, Danielle has the same passion for working in the business as for being with her family. For many women, finding the balance between work and family is difficult to achieve without the support of family, friends or outsourcing. Danielle manages this balance every day!

Danielle is available for Corporate Speaking and Presentations. Email marketing@dialanangel.com for further information. 

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CEO's Biography


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