providing house cleaning, child care, eldercare, and general services to homes | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

providing house cleaning, child care, eldercare, and general services to homes | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

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About Us

DIAL-AN-ANGEL® is the only national agency that has been committed to serving busy Australians and visitors to Australia since 1967. As a full service home and family care agency, live-in as well as Visiting Angels® undertake all manner of home-based services: domestic housekeeping & cleaning, child care, babysitting, nannyingin-home nursing, disability care, eldercare-at-home®, supervised contact visits, garden & home maintenance, pet care, caretaking and home & corporate functions. Medico-legal reports may be requested and a wide range of services is available through our Corporate Services department.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL has local offices in all capital cities and many major regional areas throughout Australia.

Why DIAL-AN-ANGEL is still the leader in Home & Family Care

Privacy & Security:

Clients feel secure in the knowledge that all applicants have been personally interviewed and fully screened. They are not accepted for registration as Angels®, until their skills, character traits, experience and suitability for home referrals have been assessed. Police clearances are undertaken where State laws allow. Until all these security measures have been completed, no details are ever divulged about a client’s family or requirements. Clients feel reassured that their family and belongings are respected and that their privacy will not be violated.

Professional Service with a Personal Touch:

Discerning clients know that DIAL AN ANGEL has been providing a superior service for over four decades. Each department has experienced section co-ordinators who quickly come to know their clients’ requirements and are able to offer the bookings to appropriately skilled Angels®. Clients seek peace of mind that both Agency and Angel will be reliable and responsible, professional, competent and caring. Only appropriately skilled Angels® are referred at realistic market rates.


All DIAL-AN-ANGEL offices abide by a Code of Professional Conduct and undertake to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour at all times. Requests for assistance are treated with courtesy and respect and total confidentiality is maintained.

Liaison and Choice:

A check back and feedback policy has been in place since 1967 to ensure client satisfaction. This is an essential factor in strengthening the liaison between clients and the agency. Any concerns are given prompt attention. The client retains the right to accept or refuse the services of any Angel. Our selective recruitment has always reflected Australia's multicultural society. It enables us to provide culturally and linguistically diverse services.


DIAL-AN-ANGEL is a one-stop shop for all your home and family needs. With just one phone call, clients can arrange all their domestic housekeeping and cleaning, home and garden maintenance services, childcare, eldercare-at-home for the frail aged, in-home nursing, home entertaining and corporate function assistance. Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cash, Cheques, EFT and Money Order.

Replacement when an Angel is unable to attend a booking:

Should an Angel fall ill, have an accident or due to another personal emergency be unable to attend the client’s booking, DIAL-AN-ANGEL endeavours to provide a replacement Angel with reasonable notice.

Flexible Options - Out-of-office-hours:

After hours facilities are maintained at most locations and in many areas, a mobile phone service is maintained round the clock for all nursing emergencies. Booking facilities are available on our website for advance, interstate and/or overseas bookings. This enables busy clients to arrange all their home and family care requirements at the most convenient time - for them!

Complaints and feedback:

DIAL-AN-ANGEL takes feedback (whether positive or negative) very seriously and will do everything within its power to resolve any aspect of DIAL-AN-ANGEL's service that is called into question to achieve a satisfactory conclusion. You can read our full complaints procedure here.

Staff angels:

Staff Angels® are employed directly by DIAL-AN-ANGEL to work on Managed Care assignments. They are covered for Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances; Superannuation is paid and lodged with an approved fund; Income tax deductions are made by the Agency and forwarded monthly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO); Permanent employees are covered for Annual Leave and Sick Leave entitlements. 

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About Us


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