DIAL-AN-ANGEL® helping parents return to work | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

DIAL-AN-ANGEL® helping parents return to work | DIAL-AN-ANGEL

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DIAL-AN-ANGEL® helping parents return to work

18 July 2006

“We are always looking for new Angels and find that parents returning to the workforce have the very skills we need for cleaning, gardening, housekeeping, even child care and care for the elderly in their own homes. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Central Coast and the Blue Mountains and they all need Angels,” said Danielle Robertson, CEO, DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Ltd.

There are many advantages in becoming an Angel and they certainly match the needs of parents returning to the workforce:

Flexible hours:

Angels can elect to work any three hours or more on days and at times suitable for them. They may choose whether to work or not to work during school holidays.

Top rates paid to skilled Angels:

On their behalf, DIAL-AN-ANGEL is able to negotiate rates that appropriately reflect their skills and experience. The Agency is vigilant about current trends in remuneration to ensure that Angels are not exploited in the workplace

Replacement when Angels are unable to attend a booking:

Should they or their children take ill, decide to go on vacation or temporarily be unable to provide their services to a client, DIAL-AN-ANGEL can keep the booking open for them by providing a replacement Angel until they can resume the booking. They will not feel they are letting clients down or feel pressured about losing their work referrals.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Cover:

When they accept referrals from DIAL-AN-ANGEL, they can be sure that clients have been advised about their responsibilities to them regarding workplace safety and about having adequate insurance cover for their protection.

Privacy & Security:

Their private telephone number and address are never divulged when they accept referrals to bookings through DIAL-AN-ANGEL. This is intended to safeguard their privacy.


How much nicer it is to be called an Angel when they undertake housecaring, childcare, eldercare-at-home or other home based assignments! They will be part of a professional Agency with a proud reputation for quality in-home care and support

About DIAL-AN-ANGEL Pty Limited DIAL-AN-ANGEL is the only national agency that has been committed to serving busy Australians and visitors to Australia since 1967. As a full service home and family care agency, live-in as well as Visiting Angels™ undertake all manner of home-based services: domestic housekeeping & cleaning, child care, babysitting, in-home nursing, disability care, eldercare-at-home®, supervised contact visits, garden & home maintenance, pet care, caretaking and home & corporate functions. Medico-legal reports may be requested and a wide range of services is available though our Corporate Services department.

A wide range of story ideas and photos are available for publication. Contact 02 9362 4225 or administration@dialanangel.com

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DIAL-AN-ANGEL® helping parents return to work


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